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We believe that the majority of Mississippians desire a more transparent, efficient and accountable government.  Our office is committed to working towards ensuring that all Mississippians have access to those things.  This is why using the findings and recommendations from this briefing, we have created the Transparent, Efficient and Accountable Mississippi (T.E.A.M.) Initiative.  T.E.A.M. is designed to help increase government oversight, promote transparency, increase government efficiency and accountability in the Mississippi Legislature.

In hopes of achieving more transparency and improving government accountability, our office will be reaching out to private donors to help fund our office.  This pilot program campaign will run annually to remedy the findings mentioned in this briefing.  We will be soliciting private donors to help fund our district office, legislative staff, and constituent services.  We believe that by providing a first-hand view of what good government looks like from the individual legislator's perspective.  The entire Legislature can use our pilot program as a guide to change the way we govern in Mississippi.

We humbly ask that you consider joining our pilot program campaign as a monthly or annual donor to help pave the way to a more transparent, efficient and accountable Mississippi Legislature, as a member of T.E.A.M.


  • Donate to T.E.A.M Pilot Campaign.

  • Support/Elect Lawmakers who will support and vote for aggressive lobbying reforms next session.

  • Contact your legislative candidates and ask them to support a Speaker and Lt. Governor who will be a fair inclusive leader in their respective chamber.

  • Demand more transparency from your lawmaker.

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