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Mississippi resident starts petition for shelter-in-place orders

As many states around the country are under shelter-in-place orders, many residents in the Magnolia State want to take the same measures. A shelter-in-place petition is circulating with the goal of reaching more than 15,000 signatures to officially issue a state-wide shelter-in-place order. Author of the petition Kyle Brandt is hoping this will show Governor Reeves a state-wide shelter-in-place order is needed and is welcomed by the state residents. "My wife is immuno-compromised. She has multiple sclerosis and after watching Tate Reeves’ press conferences I started becoming more and more frustrated with not very many actions happening to stop the spread of the virus and I just couldn't help but think about my wife and the thousands of other immuno-compromised people in the state of Mississippi who are probably as stressed as I am worrying that their loved one could get sick and potentially have a lifelong injury or disability.” 110th House District Representative Jeramey Anderson endorsed the petition earlier this week and says he encourages residents to add their signature.

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