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MPSD Newly Elected School Board Give 3-year Nod of Support to Superintendent for 1st Time

Moss Point Newly Elected School Board Give 3-year Nod of Support to Superintendent for 1st Time In over a Decade.

Rep. Jeramey Anderson on Friday congratulated Moss Point School District Superintendent Dr. Shannon Vincent-Raymond on her three-year contract extension.

“Vincent-Raymond is an exceptional leader, the kind of leader needed to ensure the Moss Point School District realizes and executes its full potential,” said Rep. Jeramey Anderson, whose 110th District includes Moss Point. “In less than two years, she has put the school district on the right path.”

New Ingalls Shipbuilding Classroom

The district, under her leadership, has partnered with Ingalls Shipbuilding, the county’s largest employer, to create a talent development lab at the high school. It’s a partnership that will greatly benefit both the student welders and the shipbuilding industry that needs highly skilled workers.

Construction is underway on a $1 million culinary arts classroom, kitchen and dining area, reviving a much needed program that had been dormant before Vincent-Raymond’s arrival. That program will prepare students for jobs in the casino, restaurant and tourism industries, one of the leading segments of the Coast economy.

Third-grade reading assessments are rising. Students are better prepared for kindergarten.

Clearly, Vincent-Raymond knows how to get the ball rolling. She’s committed to lifting up Moss Point schools, which often appear near the bottom of school rankings. Better schools are essential if Moss Point’s future generation of leaders are to have the skills necessary to capitalize on the city’s riverfront location and natural beauty. The future starts today in Moss Point schools.

Dr. Shannon Vincent-Raymond, Moss Point Schools Superintendent of Education

“Leaders such as Vincent-Raymond see education’s role in developing that potential, and I’m glad she has been given an additional three years to achieve her lofty goals,” said Anderson. “This is the stability the district, which has had six superintendents in less than a decade, must have to succeed.”

This is one of the first actions of the newly elected Moss Point School Board, which was made possible thanks to legislation Anderson amended and supported in 2017. That law divided the city into five voting districts for school board elections. Before that, members were appointed by the municipality.

Now, other districts are following Moss Point’s lead. Several bills have been introduced in this legislative session to create elected school boards and appointed superintendents across the state.

“This is an exciting time in our state,” said Anderson. “Public education is getting the

attention it deserves, the leadership it needs, and, with your help, the funding it requires.”

You, the voters of District 110 should have your voices heard. In the coming days, Anderson’s office will be updating his constituents on education bills as they move through the House, enlisting your support for legislation that will make a different in the classroom and on main street.

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