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Rep. Anderson joins Rep. Scott with resolution that opens the door for introduction of police reform

Mississippi Rep. Jeramey Anderson releases a statement following the introduction of House Concurrent Resolution 75 to address police reform.

Rep. Jeramey Anderson today joined Rep. Omeria Scott in introducing a resolution to suspend the rules and allow policing reform measures to move forward this legislative session.

“I believe relevant reforms to law enforcement in Mississippi cannot wait any longer,” Anderson, D-110, said. “I would like to see an independent review board formed to conduct an impartial investigation into every officer involved death in the state. The current system often is open to political pressure and it lacks transparency. I believe a fair, open and efficient airing of these cases will help assure the public that police are upholding the law and using lethal force only when absolutely necessary.”

Anderson has a pair of bills ready to introduce that would set up a review board and would put the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI) in charge of investigating all officer-involved deaths.


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