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This27-Year-Old Is Competing To Represent Mississippi's 4th Congressional District In The U.S. House

Jeramey Anderson has been here before, and he ain't cracking under the pressure.

Story by Rickey Riley

When Jeramey Anderson was 22 years old, he became the youngest person to be elected to a state legislature serving in the Mississippi House of Representatives. This election cycle, the now 27-year-old will compete to represent Mississippi's 4th Congressional District in the U.S. House. 

To win over his future constituents, he launched a campaign trip to all 14 counties in the district to listen to their concerns. 

"We're touching folks that have been forgotten about, that are disengaged from the political process," he said. "Their votes count, too. Their voices count. Their issues are important to me, as well."

Winning this district will be tough because of its large, loyal pro-Trump base. Anderson's opponent is pro-Trump Republican Rep. Steve Palazzo. Two years ago, he beat the Democrat challenger by 37 points, reports The Philadelphia Tribune. 

"Before you can even get into whether you're a Democrat or Republican, it's your appearance," Anderson told CNN.

Being a state legislator prepared him for the political circus in ways that could help him pull off the upset. 

"We've got good people here that want to see change," Anderson says, "And that is what we're trying to do with this election, is energize and restore hope to this community, restore hope to this district and let them know that you have another option."

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