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The Legislative Page Program will provide outreach to teens.  The program gives our young people an up-close look at the Legislative process during their week-long stay in the Capitol City.


Program Structure:

House pages are employed by the Mississippi House of Representatives. House pages are immediately responsible to the Head Page although they are also responsible to the Clerk of the House and his staff. All pages are expected to carry out the requests of the Head Page promptly and accurately and are to return immediately after each errand or task is completed.

If for any reason a page is left in charge by the Head Page, that page deserves and is to be given the same amount of respect and consideration as any other member of the staff.

While working for the House of Representatives, all pages should treat each other with the utmost respect. Each page should conduct himself/herself in a professional manner at all times. Should any page feel that he/she is being treated unfairly, he/she should not hesitate to approach the Head Page to discuss the problem. Every effort will be made to address such situations and reach an acceptable solution to any problems which may occur.

You will use appropriate language and a quiet voice. The use of tobacco, tobacco products, illegal drugs or alcohol while participating in the House Page Program is strictly prohibited. If you do not abide by the rules and regulations in this manual, you will be sent home immediately and excluded from participating in the page program.

Unless this provision is waived by the Clerk of the House, a young person applying to serve as a page for the Mississippi House of Representatives must serve for the entire week, from Monday through Friday. If a page cannot serve for the entire week, his/her application will NOT be accepted and the sponsor will be notified. If special circumstances arise which prevent a page from fulfilling his/her weeklong obligation, the page will receive compensation only for the time served. Special circumstances would include illness or a family emergency, not a choice by the young person to participate in a school or extracurricular activity that occurs during the week of service.

A page may not serve more than one week per Legislative Session. If a page is asked to serve for more than one week during the same Legislative Session, he/she must withdraw his/her application to serve as a page for the second week.

Who Participates?

To serve as a House page, you must be at least thirteen (13) years of age. If you have been asked to serve as a page and are under the minimum age, you must withdraw your application to participate in the House Page Program.


Program Outcomes:

LEARN about current youth policy challenges from experts of different perspectives and how state government works to address them.


DEVELOP leadership skills in order to affect change across the state and in their communities.


ADVISE decision makers in the Representative's Office about important youth policy issues using their knowledge and skills.

Program Structure
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